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The project MISTRAL (Multidimensional Indexes for Storage and for the Relational Algebra) investigates the improvement of the operations of the relational algebra with multidimensional index structures.

The MISTRAL-Project has ended! We are not maintaining this site anymore!

In the project, the following topics have been considered:

  • basic research in the field of multidimensional index structures
  • implementation, benchmarking and refinement of the UB-Tree
  • provision of a software library with the UB-Tree functionality
  • implementation of the relational operations using the UB-Tree
  • development of a methodology for the design of schemata with multidimensional indexes

With our technology we aim to accelerate the operations of databases in general. In co-operation with our project partners SAP, Teijin System Technology, NEC, Hitachi, GfK, TransAction Software, and Microsoft Research we currently focus on data warehousing, data mining and the integration of the UB-Tree into the kernel of relational database management systems. TransBase Hypercube, the first commercial RDBMS with UB-Tree support, is now available.

Annotated PPT lecture slides for UB-Trees are available at

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